Well. We’re a couple of days past the election, and we’ve managed to put in to power a horrible, manipulative, racist, angry cheeto of a president. Congratulations America. I’m not going to get in to the reasons for the loss, as there’s going to be bickering for years about the why behind the what. Sufficed to say, Hillary didn’t inspire enough people to vote in the rust belt- she lost because she didn’t connect with what has been, since the 1980’s, a stable stronghold for the Democrats.

Today what I want to bring up instead is some other issues. For years a number of us on the left, (and to be fair, a small chunk on the right) have been warning the Democrats about a few issues.

  • The Patriot Act: This misguided piece of crap should have died out in 2008 with the Bush presidency. Instead, because nobody is willing to give up power, it’s gotten renewed every damned year since. We complained about the terrorist watch list, the lack of oversight, the sweeping warrant-less invasions of privacy, and the collecting of EVERY call made in the United States.

Guess who’s going to use it now. You really think Trump should have this power? Should have thought about that when it has been up for renewal the last dozen times

  • Drone strikes: We’ve seen a massive increase in the use of undeclared war actions. Drones have hit targets in Pakistan, Lebanon and countless other countries across the world. We’ve also seen the first instance of an improvised drone used by law enforcement here on US soil. But it was okay since Obama was in charge.

Guess who’s got control of that apparatus now? Still feeling fuzzy about it?

  • Indefinite Imprisonment and assassination of US citizens: Used by GWB and blasted by us (rightly so) on the left. Then with our president in charge instead, it was okay again because “He” wouldn’t misuse it.

Happy that Trump can continue that one? Ask your Muslim or Latino friends how they’re feeling about it.

  • Gun control: This is a biggie. For years a chunk of the left has all but advocated for Australian style confiscation. Trumps fine with it, as long as they’re brown people. He loves stop and frisk. Some pretty huge increases in the last few days of hate crimes against my LGBT, African American, and Latino brothers and sisters.

Still think the right should be the only ones that are armed for self-defense?

The reason that civil rights are important, regardless of president, is to prevent abuse. If you’re not comfortable with the opposition party doing something, you should not be comfortable with your party doing it- as it is wrong no matter what. And the pendulum always swings in the other direction at some point.