Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again! Gift giving season! No matter what your holiday is, so many people give gifts this time of year. We thought we might help, and make some suggestions based on our member’s small businesses! The club has authors, artisans, trainers and more. It seemed like a good idea to collect as many of them in one place as I could, we can help them by buying their merch, and maybe that will help you find that special gift for that special person. Support a small business run by an LGC member!

The club is proud to have so many authors, folks who write fiction, factual accounts and even some gun stuff. Any of the books by any of them would make great gifts. I’ve picked my favorites, but keep in mind, some of them are fiction and I may have picked a book later in a series. I urge you to explore all of these authors. Some great stuff here, in no particular order.

Jim Downey
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick:
St Cybi’s Well

Michael Tinker Pearce
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman

Sean Hayden
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
Kill Your Idols

Harry Frank
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
Demaralon Chronicles

Jack Mahoney
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick

Grant Cunningham
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
Protect Yourself with a Snubnose Revolver

Rob Pincus
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
My Daddy Has a Gun (and Mommy does too!)

Race Hochdorf
Author’s Amazon Page
Ed’s Pick
Embrace the Void Bravely & Other Secular Sermons

Kent Whitaker
Ed’s Pick
Florida Hometown Cookbook

History, Culture, Arts and Crafts
Stocking stuffers? Leatherwork? Geegaws, pointy sticks and cultural representation? There is something for everyone in this list of “far from ordinary” miscellany (also in no particular order)!

Meloria Marie – Get your stocking stuffers at 50% off with the coupon code LGC50

Noelle Walsh Jewelry

Dark Road Trading Company

Mat’s Machinations, LLC

Timothy Foreman, Woodworking

Enlightened Art

Marana Decal

Echoes of the Four Directions

Forts of the Frontier West


Noctua Designs

Carl Miller Photography Firearms Related Prints

Olivet Designs Laser Engraving

Sharp Objects
Tinkers Swords

Wander Tactical

Rocky River Leather

Texas Built Leather

Howell Leathercraft

Whitaker Leather

Training and Fitness
The pandemic has probably taken a bite out of your routine. We have dozens of firearms instructors, but also some fantastic defensive shooting instructors, self defense training, physical fitness and even long distance running coaches. Check these out!

The Liberal Gun Club Instructors (its like your favorite band)

Safer Faster Defense

Safemind LLC
50% off for LGC members

Guidance Steel Target Shooting

iFightBack by Self Defense Software

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

Home Body Performance
Virtual Classes Available!

At Your Pace Coaching

Guns and Gun Accessories
Of course, the Liberal Gun Club’s online store makes for some great shopping for gun oriented folks, we also have holsters, member-run gun shops, and friendly orgs with online stores!

The Liberal Gun Club Online Store

Check the membership portal for member recommended gun stores and ranges!

And don’t forget our friends at: The Liberal Gun Owners Online Store


Phlster Holsters

Jade Shooting

Superior Sound Technology Premiere Hearing Protection


Rocket Armory (MO)

Scorpius Arms (OR)

Zacktical Arms (CA)

That’s it, that’s everyone who submitted their business for consideration! We will probably add to this as we approach the holidays.

So, if you are at a loss for what to buy, consider one of the business above!