I hear it over and over and over again: “liberals hate guns.” To my conservative gun friends, I say – please stop. Instead, work with me here.

I am a liberal and I am a Second Amendment advocate. Last week, I spoke with Black Guns Matter in California. Yesterday, I did an interview with the BBC about why more people on the left are interested in buying and learning about guns since the election. Last night, I had dinner with one of the leaders from the Pink Pistols and we talked about how to grow our groups, which already have thousands and thousands of active and engaged liberals who love firearms and the Second Amendment. I’m doing all I can to increase our membership and get our message out there, but I can’t do it without you.

Yes, there are liberals who dislike guns, but the vast majority of them have never been around guns and don’t know much about them other than what they are told. If the narrative from one side is that guns are evil, and from the other is that being liberal means you must hate them, well then, why shouldn’t they hate them?

So conservative friends, I’m calling on you – help me reach more liberals!  Offer a liberal friend a trip to the range. Offer to teach groups how to safely unload and store the most common forms of firearms even if they don’t want to learn to shoot them, in order to begin demystifying guns and to increase safety in all our communities. Show your liberal friends the sporting aspect of firearms – the Olympics is a great place to start. Show them that guns can be owned responsibly and can be used for enjoyment rather than just for self-defense or by people who intend to harm another (an aspect that is barely ever mentioned in liberal circles). Talk to liberals you know about how the Second Amendment is a civil right, like other Constitutional rights. By doing this, we can change the political landscape by creating a critical mass of liberals who know and understand firearms and who will demand that our elected officials stop trying to infringe on our rights.