I was watching a video from InRange this morning, and he had an interesting couple of minutes answering a question from “William H.”, who is a self described liberal gun owner wondering if he’s a unicorn. And as usual, Karl had some excellent points about rights being for every single person, as they are not just for those who are culturally part of the “hive mind” of folks who have a death grip on the community.


And he’s right. And no William, you are not a unicorn. Not only do others like you exist, there are even organizations for folks like you. We here at the Liberal Gun Club are, in fact, such an organization.

Rights are for everyone. That’s why they are called rights, not privileges that are only for white male Republicans. 30-40% of liberal and independent households have guns in them. We have had for generations. And the massive influx of new gun owners are not all part of the “monoculture” that fits neatly into the messaging in the gun community and from the media.

We welcome those new gun owners and encourage them to get training and learn to be responsible. And since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we’ve also taken to creating some free classes they can watch on YouTube, which we’ve organized here.