We are continuing to add to the lineup for the Chicago meeting. I hope you guys can make it. I am going to send out a mailing about this later on but I thought I would drop the word here first.

Democrats for Gun Ownership is a growing PAC with a lot of potential and decent amount of power. I spoke with the Chairman of DFGO, David Lauer, today and he will be attending our Chicago meeting and giving a talk. We have also worked up a deal – he is offering LGC members one year of free membership in the DFGO (normally a membership costs $50 per year). As a nice bonus, when you become a DFGO member you automatically get entered into a drawing to win a very nice AR-15.

David is on the Hill right now working hard to get Democrats to understand that gun ownership is a national issue, not an issue for any one party. They are a perfect compliment to The LGC – we strive to offer education, information, awareness and community while they are in the trenches doing the political work.

David has also agreed to help us try to tackle some issues we have been having both as shooters and as a club. Because of our very open forum, we have a tight knit group that can help alert DFGO to issues that liberal minded gun owners are facing – like getting insurance, being ‘carded’ when buying guns, etc.

In short – go sign up (once I get the details about how to get the free membership ). You support a good group and you get a chance to win a free AR!!!

Also, if you were thinking about coming to Chicago – here is another good reason to make the trip. Trust me, its going to be worth it.