If you saw this announcement earlier, we’ve changed the date to take advantage of the low airfares before Spring Break.

When we checked airline tickets, we discovered that in the week before our original dates the prices dropped by more than half (in many cases)! If you were holding off because of travel costs, delay no longer and get ready to join my in Phoenix for this great class!

My first class of 2018 (at least, the first I currently have scheduled) will happen in Phoenix, Arizona on March 17th & 18th!

I’ll be back at the Ben Avery Shooting Center as a guest of Phoenix Firearms Training, teaching my getting-to-be-famous Threat-Centered Revolver course.

This course teaches you how to use a revolver, from a snubnose to a full-sized service revolver, to defend yourself or others from a criminal attack. From trigger control to the need for reloading, and everything in-between, this is the most comprehensive revolver course that I know of.

You’ll get access to my collected and ever-evolving knowledge about shooting and carrying the double-action revolver and using it as a defensive tool. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you’ll no doubt learn a lot about the revolver in this course.

The great part is that we’ll get to spend two days together on the superb Ben Avery range, basking in the warm sunshine that is the hallmark of Phoenix — while the rest of the country is mired in the cold, wet weather of late winter. I can’t think of a better place to be training in March!

To sign up for this course, go to the Phoenix Firearms Training page; click the “Book It!” button and scroll the calendar to March, then click on the 17th. That will take you to the registration page for that class.

– Grant

P.S.: If you can’t attend, or want to get a head start on the material I’ll be presenting, pick up a copy of my book Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver. It’s available in electronic (Kindle, iOS devices) as well as good ol’ paperback!


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