November’s “Experience Panel” is timely as it focuses on the the American Veteran. Just in time for Veteran’s Day observance.

We want to thank our panelists for a wide ranging discussion that goes beyond being a gun owner, where Lonny, Daniel, Brian, Nate, Will and Ed explore life after service and its challenges, being a conflict vet versus a peacetime vet, being “thanked” for their service, being respectful of their stories, their training, and their reasons for continuing to own firearms after service.

These are soldiers, airmen and marines, so, consider this an “EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING” as well as some pretty serious and difficult conversations related to wartime service.

They served, so most of us didn’t have to. While thanking a vet is appreciated, a better thing to do might be to find a cause that helps vets, and contribute time or money to that cause. We like donating to Walk The Talk America.

Gun owners, firearm sellers, and mental health professionals must band together to protect the rights of all citizens and reduce the number of deaths by suicide. Walk The Talk America believes that by raising awareness and sharing accurate information, we can reach suffering individuals and let them know that they can seek help without consequence in most states. We can pave the way for those in need to gain access to treatment. We can save lives. We can shield their friends, families, and loved ones from the overwhelming sense of grief, confusion, and emptiness that suicide causes.

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We all lift together.