The answer is, of course, yes, although not according to a particular ammo business which this week declared if you voted for Biden, you don’t deserve to buy ammo from them.  It is their right to decide to alienate 8 million new customers, but perhaps it’s not the wisest business move. But the Liberal Gun Club will leave them to it. We’ve been too busy this week actually making a difference.  Just a few things we have done this week:

  • Sent thousands of free postcards to our members with suggested language they can use to write to their democratic state and federal representatives, opening a conversation on why restrictions on the 2A are both problematic and ineffective, and offering alternatives instead.
  • Been invited to have a greatly productive conversation with state leaders which opened the hearts and minds of two people who otherwise would have been advocating for and implementing red flag laws but now are open to talking about alternatives which will both help people in crisis and preserve gun rights.
  • Set follow-up meeting with numerous state lawmakers who, because of the trust we’ve built over numerous meetings where we came in willing to listen instead of shout, have invited us to discuss the problems with a slew of suggested legislation and to get ideas on how to make those laws both more effective and less restrictive on both 2A rights and less likely to adversely affect BIPOC and marginalized communities.
  • Prepared for an upcoming live panel discussion on addiction and firearms and how that disease affects responsible firearms ownership.
  • Worked on strengthening our relationships with two national organizations which work at the intersections of mental health, community safety and firearms ownership – Walk The Talk America and Affirm. With these organizations, we continue to lead the charge in advocating for reforms which will save lives and help people in various forms of crisis through root cause mitigation, not performative politics.

So while the right wing of the gun world continues with performative histrionics, we’ll keep working on actually making sure our rights, and theirs, are preserved.