The Liberal Gun Club has a chat server on Discord that is available to paid members. To access it, you need to edit your LGC member profile to include your Discord username and to select “yes” for the “Send new Discord invite” option so that a Discord link will be sent to your email. Log in at https://membership.theliberalgunclub.com/ to add this information.

If you are not already signed up for Discord you can do so at their website: https://discord.com/

When you edit your profile, you will need to scroll down a bit to see the Discord related options.

LGC member profile

How to find your Discord username

Once you have created a Discord user account, you will need to find your username. In the browser or desktop Discord client, this can be found by clicking on your icon near the bottom left corner of the screen to view your profile. The username is not necessarily the same name that is displayed to other people in the chat channels, and the username does include a set of numbers at the end.

For example, here you can see my Discord username is “Eris#2363”.

Important note!
Discord usernames are case sensitive. That means that uppercase and lowercase letters are different to Discord. “Eris” is not the same as “eris”. Please copy and paste your username into the LGC membership portal or be sure to spell it exactly the same as Discord displays it to you.

How to find your Discord username in the desktop Discord client

If you are using Discord on a cell phone, there are a few more steps. First open the Discord menu:

Discord on a phone step one

Then click on your icon in the bottom right of the screen to view your profile:

Discord on a phone step two

Finally you will see your username at the top of the screen below your icon:

Discord on a phone step three