Last night was the season finale of Training Talk. 2017 was a great year, and we capped it off by inviting all of the Special Guest Experts back on the show for a self defense roundtable!

Not everyone was able to make it, unfortunately; some were traveling for the holiday, others had family emergencies, but we did manage to just about fill the board with everyone else who had been on the show at some point during the year.

The theme was “Questions you want someone else to answer”. Each of the guests provided a question they wanted me to ask the rest of the panel and we had some fun with them. There’s a lot of joking but also some profound thoughts about self defense, how it’s taught, and how to take advantage of your training opportunities.

Click here to watch the replay!

– Grant

P.S.: If you celebrate Christmas in your house, I hope it’s a merry one for you and your loved ones!


Thanks to Rob Pincus for the photo montage!

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