UPDATE: We are extending this match until January 20th. You have now have no excuse – go kill zombies.


Time to mix things up.

I was thinking about why we have these postal matches: to promote increased familiarity and proficiency with your firearm. So…. that made me think about when you need to be familiar and proficient – of course, the zombie attack scenario! I then Googled “zombie postal match”. Turns out that two brothers who do not live in the same area have made their own postal match series using zombie targets:

http://www.moral-flexibility.net/archiv … tal-match/

Each one comes with its own story line about why they need to be shooting zombies. The last one was in 2007, so its not active but it did spark some neurons in my head.

So, here we go with our simpler and less creative version:

Ours is a SHTF scenario of zombies attacking. 5 zombies are coming up your driveway and you are sitting in the garage cleaning your firearms (what luck!). You need to kill the 5 zombies. You will need a range that is at least 25 yards – most around here seem to be that long, and 5 printed targets.

You can use any weapon you like – as long as you are using iron sights – no scopes, red dots, etc. I was going to allow shotguns, but that complicated the match design a bit, so not this time – sorry.

You can find all the gory details in our forums.

The winner will get a $35 gift certificate to either Target or Amazon.com and an LGC bumper sticker.