Liberal gun owners…where do we fit in? We are reviled by other Liberals because we choose to own firearms. It seems no matter what our other positions are to some of our Liberal brethren, that we own “evil instruments of death” tells them that we are not real Liberals. We are hated on the right because well…why not? So, where do we fit in? Why at the Liberal Gun Club, that is where.  Here is an excerpt from a discussion held on the forum.  This was my response to a proposal to start a sub forum about incidents where firearms were used defensively…

“I have been fortunate enough to live in an area with fairly low crime, although car break ins and burglaries do happen. I haven’t had to use my firearm in self defense. I don’t think that anyone who wants to own a firearm for personal protection is crazy. Nor do I think that about people who choose not to own a firearm because they calculate the risk of crime versus the risk of owning and carrying a firearm and have made a choice. What I do think is crazy are the irrational emotional reactions of both sides of the debate. Those who think that firearms are inherently evil and those who have an unhealthy attachment to the firearm. Guns are a tool plain and simple. I also subscribe to the idea that ownership of an object does not imply a desire to use it. I have a life insurance policy that pays out in the case of my death so that my family does not have financial burdens…I certainly never want to have to use that or at least not for an insanely long time. Nor do I want to use my fire extinguishers to put out a kitchen fire, my spare tire to fix a flat. I trained in boxing for a few years to keep in shape (which I have failed at miserably :lol: ) and to be able to defend myself. I didn’t learn to fight so that I can walk around assaulting people.

I maintain my firearms and try to take care of them, but I don’t sit there staring at them constantly. I don’t get a thrill out of owning them, though it is enjoyable to practice shooting. I have not understood how people can become so bonded to an object. I also understand the impulse towards aggression and violence (must be the testosterone) but I am bothered greatly when people celebrate when people are killed, even people I would consider scum. I am also disturbed when people talk about firearms like they are the answer to all of life’s problems. I haven’t seen that here at all, but it is very present on most other gun boards.

Though I doubt it would happen here, the last couple of sentences of the paragraph above are cause for my hesitation in supporting a “gun use” sub forum. I think that most of us here already accept that firearms are useful for self defense. I just don’t think that a sub forum dedicated to stories about how guns are useful is necessary.

That is my .02″


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