Range Officers! LGC and Hunter Safety Instructors! Unite!

LGC Empty Chamber Flags and Practice Rounds in Stock

Using Chamber flags at any range, every time, is one of best ways to demonstrate safe firearms handling to neighboring shooters. But do remember to not “muzzle” anyone, even with the chamber safety flag inserted. That will definitely cancel the effect of using a chamber flag. (and still may get you DQ’ed in an event or asked to pack up for the day). Also remember to remove it before you load your firearm when preparing to shoot…that’s just embarrassing. Rimfire and Centerfire versions available.

Buy now: Rim fire version https://theliberalgunclub.com/product/lgc-chamber-safety-flag-rimfire-cartridge/  Center fire Version: https://theliberalgunclub.com/product/lgc-chamber-safety-flag-centerfire-cartridge/


Practice Rounds in Stock!

Created for Hunter Safety Classes, our dummy rounds are perfect for teaching safe loading and unloading techniques. While they are not weighted for function testing like the more pricey dummy rounds, they work great for loading drills. You could be crafty and somehow create weighted practice rounds with the .38,  20 and 12 gauge. That’s up to you for now. Yes, I have asked our vendor to create 5.56 and 9mm versions these practice rounds. There aren’t any plans to do so at this time.

Buy now at  https://theliberalgunclub.com/product/dummy-rounds/

Yep we have more stuff coming soon. and gimme gimme that free shipping.