In case you watched the Superbowl yesterday, caught Bloomberg’s ad, and then were shocked at the 2900 kids killed by gun violence every year, it is, in fact, a totally warped statistic.

Not going to give the ad free airtime here, if you really want to go watch it, you can find it in various places.

Unlike the CDC or any real organization, he included as children 18 and 19 year olds- which doubles the number of deaths. He also included suicides, which account for 40% of the deaths. He also doesn’t account for police shootings- which were 248 people aged 19 and below. Which is a significant number. 1748 or so of these deaths were not suicides, so out of the not-suicides, 15% were police shootings. Even other anti gun outlets don’t massage the statistics for that level of fear-mongering. But then, Bloomberg essentially owns Everytown for Gun Violence, so he can make the numbers as shocking as he wants to, just to gin up fear for his election.

Bloomberg is a terrible candidate. Making up statistics on guns is just one issue. Racism is another. Authoritarianism is another. Billionaires buying the election is another. Thanks but no thanks.

Hard pass, OK Bloomer?



Sources: Well, not linking to Bloomberg’s ad or his anti gun political arm, Everytown, but you can find it.

Police shootings: