And both Politifact and CNN question them.

This “study” by Everytown took the broadest possible definition calculated to mislead the reader into thinking there have been 74 Columbines and Sandy Hooks, to garner the most visceral “we must do something” reaction. And the rebuttals by the relatives of those “discounted” do the same.

Facts are facts. In order to study something, and come to meaningful conclusions, you need definitions and frameworks. Fact based policy making and discussion is apparently a lost art.

We applaud CNN and Politifact for doing what the media should be doing. Now we need to do more and start addressing the root cause of these violent events, all of them, from the unstable, mentally ill sociopath to the gang bangers settling scores over turf.

Want to deal with gang violence and people murdered as a result? End the war on drugs and fund the crap out of anti-poverty programs and local school and outreach programs. Maybe restore those jobless benefits while we are at it?

Those kids caught up in, as well as those killed by, that violence deserve it.