2021 Annual Meeting

Well, let's start with the fact that your membership director should really have his coffee before sending out important emails to the entire membership base! Sorry for the confusion about the dates in the original email, I was recycling last years event to make the...

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Hurricane Ida Relief

We've got a number of our members who have been impacted by the recent hurricane that hammered states in the south and through the northeast, and have had reach outs about them posting go fund me fundraisers in the membership lounge, discord, and forums. To keep it...

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Sociology of Guns Module 8: Gun Injuries, Suicide, Rights and Responsibilities

With Module 8 the course shifts its attention to what could generally be called negative outcomes with firearms: injury and death, both suicide (Module 8) and homicide (Module 9), as well as issues surrounding police use of force (Module 10). I am particularly interested in ways in which those involved in gun culture can play … Continue reading Sociology of Guns Module 8: Gun Injuries, Suicide, Rights and Responsibilities

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Prepping for Sociology of Guns Ver 7.0

It’s hard to believe that I first taught my “Sociology of Guns” seminar at Wake Forest six years ago, in the fall of 2015. This fall I will teach the course for the seventh time in seven academic years. Although some aspects of the course do not change — the class field trip to the … Continue reading Prepping for Sociology of Guns Ver 7.0

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Shooting big stuff.

Ever hear of a 4 Bore? Here’s the first line from the Wikipedia entry: Four bore or 4 bore is an almost obsolete black powder caliber of the 19th century, used for the hunting of large and potentially dangerous game animals. The term “4 Bore” indicated that it would fire a sphere of lead weighing […]

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