On June 25th, President Biden signed a bipartisan gun safety package into law. This bill is the first since the Brady bill to pass both chambers, and was written in response to the recent shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

What does this legislation contain? Here are some highlights:

– Closes the “boyfriend loophole.” If you assault your partner or ex- partner, you lose your ability to buy or own a gun. They can get their rights back 5 years later if they’re a one time non repeat offender.

– Funds crisis intervention orders in every state, including red flag laws.

– Enhanced background checks for buyers under 21.

– Bans gun trafficking and straw purchasing.

– Clarifies who needs to register as a federal firearms dealer.

– Invests $330 million in the pediatric mental health system.

Other Financial Allocations:

Department of Justice

– $750 million over five years for Byrne JAG crisis prevention programs.

– $300 million over five years to fund provisions of the STOP School Violence Act.

– $250 million over five years for community violence intervention programs.

– $200 million over five years for NICS background checks.

– $100 million to fund FBI expenses.

Department of Health and Human Services

– $250 million over four years to provide states with flexible funding to create community mental health services through the SAMHSA Community Mental Health Block Grant program.

– $240 million over four years to assist students with mental health disorders and educate school personnel on mental health disorders through SAMHSA’s Project AWARE.

– $150 million to create the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

– $120 million over four years for SAMHSA to train first responders.

– $80 million over four years to facilitate cooperation between pediatric primary care providers and mental health specialists.

– $60 million over five years to train pediatric primary care physicians in mental healthcare through the HRSA Primary Care Training and Enhancement Program.

– $40 million over four years to assist children that have experienced traumatic events through SAMHSA’s National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

Department of Education

– $1 billion to provide states with funds to create a variety of school safety programs, crisis intervention programs, and school personnel training on suicide prevention and human trafficking.

– $500 million to expand the School-Based Mental Health Services Grants.

– $500 million to expand the School-Based Mental Health Services Professional Demonstration Grant.

– $50 million to expand 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

The NRA has responded saying that the legislation will not curb violence, while gun control groups are ready to support lawmakers who “do the right thing.”

Overall, this bill is in line with LGC philosophy, attempting to address the root causes of violence. The Red Flag laws will have to be a wait-and-see, implementation is everything for those.

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