I like the guy, I really do. I am with him on greater than 90% of his positions.

However, recently he did an interview with NPR, to “clarify” his position on guns, and it sounds like he got himself some DNC party line advisors to write his position, rather than think it through. Elsewhere in the same interview, he shut the reporter down for parroting DNC talking points and focused on the real issues, just not in this segment.

I hate Presidential politics.  They give me a headache.

I can see where he thought he was going, I really can. There IS a cultural divide when it comes to firearms in this country. If you grew up around them, you are much less likely to irrationally fear them, regardless of where you live now (I live in Boston, but grew up in the Midwest, for instance). That all rings true, certainly, makes for a good talking point. And hunting certainly is a damn fine reason to own firearms. But so is defending your land against predators. So is defense against those who would do you or your family harm. So is the defense against “tyranny” whether it be the government, or the Klan. It’s bigger than hunting, and it always has been.

I think he should stick to his original assertions post-Charleston, when he “issued strong pronouncements against racism and the Confederate flag but said nothing about guns.”

Let’s get to the root cause of violence in this country, not play kabuki with DNC talking points. Focus on poverty and inequality. Don’t get distracted by the musings of political operatives.

It is my sincere hope that I can reach him with these comments. It’s easier to change someone’s mind on one issue when you agree with almost everything else they have to say…

Here the original interview here.

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