So about a month ago, I saw a post for “Combat Flip Flops” in one of our Facebook groups, and I groaned audibly. Great, another Tacticool company.

Turns out I was wrong. It happens sometimes, don’t tell anyone.

If you have not been to the site, head over to and have a look. Its a neat company with an incredible mission.

To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, community connection, and distinct designs communicate, “Business, Not Bullets”–flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, we empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade.

People who want to change the world, I can get behind that. On a lark, we reached out, to see if they’d be interested in working with us, sorta an “anti” tacticool relationship. They replied with a pretty enthusiastic yes, and sent us some shoes to try.

Thanks for reaching out.  We’d love to work with you and your team.
Would you be open to a longstanding affiliate relationship?  If so, we’d love to work out a relationship where we can support your organization through a portion of the sales.  If this works for you, Lee is CC’d and can get you sorted with a perpetual 15% discount and a dedicated coupon code.
As for the gear and review, please send us the shirt and shoe sizing for the reviewer and yourself.  Jill will get you sorted with the gear.
Thank you for reaching out and being open to supporting the mission.



Ok then, lets do this! I have weird feet, wide, and my shoe size ranges from a Mens 9 to Mens 11, depending on the manufacturer.

I got a pair of the eponymous flip flop, they said they run a little small, so they sent me a size 11, which may have been a size too big, now we know. Unboxing pictures below.

And a pair of the “Interval” loafers in Mens 10, which actually fit perfectly, though they said they “run a little big.” Go figure. Unboxing pictures below.

The Intervals

They have a slogan, that their shoes are bad for running, worse for fighting. I can’t disagree. The Intervals have no arch support and no ankle support, I actually took a walk with my kids in a nearby park and had to go back and change shoes, the terrain and the shoes were not friends. The fit and finish definitely scream hand made, so the left Interval fit differently from the right.

That said, they are very comfortable (arch support notwithstanding). Easy on, easy off. They also have withstood a pretty bad weather pattern, lots of rain, some snow, and still look new.

They are nice looking. No really, they are so nice looking a retired cop friend of mine, not known for his fashion sense or frankly even caring about what people wear, noticed them, and felt compelled to say “Nice shoes.”

I’d hate to reinforce cis-male stereotypes, but my friend is a walking cis-male stereotype. And he noticed them. I think that must mean something…

These are great spring/summer shoes. Dressy enough for business casual, well made, resilient and attractive.

The flip flops

Apart from looking like I might be wearing scuba flippers, these are solid. I had been wearing a pair of Rockports, which were expensive. I wear flip flops running errands, dealing with the scary basement, taking the trash out, etc. Daily wear. My Rockports always felt a little “tight”, and would sometimes bite into the webbing between my toes. They were sturdy, but not as comfortable as a flip flop should be.

These are pretty perfect. Can barely feel they are on my feet, but they stay firmly on my feet. Think enough leather to cushion the footfall, stable and stay in place while moving about the yard. I wouldn’t run in them, but why would you run in flip flops? If these ever wear out, I will definitely buy size 10’s to replace them.


In a month and some change of wearing these, I’m sold. They are comfy, attractive, and they support a fantastic mission. Grab a pair!

LGC members get a 15% discount, check the resource page on the member portal for a code!

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