Liberal Gun Club Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7- This episode includes some commentary in response to the Stoneman-Douglas school shooting, a How-To on making Ed's Red (modified) cleaning solution and use in ultrasonic cleaners, and interviews with Lara Smith, national spokeswoman for the Liberal Gun...

Liberal Gun Club Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6- Interview with Democratic candidate for Hillsborough County, FL county commissioner, How-To from Assoverteakettle on DIY reactive targets (spray paint, not the explodey kind). Link to instructions with photos here;...

Liberal Gun Club Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5- Interviews from the 2017 annual meeting with Paladin and Larch, as well as Ben Strauss from Politico. How-To on matching bullets to powder loads for benchrest shooting from CDFingers. Surfer's first deer hunt. Christmas BONUS How-To from Catalyst on getting...

Liberal Gun Club Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4- A few clips from the 2017 meetup in Texas and interview with Dr. Charles Menifield, Dean of School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University 

Liberal Gun Club Podcast Episode 3

This month's epdisode include another practical How-To from our dear friend CDFingers on creating a double ended powder dipper, and an interview with forum dweller and friend of the 'pod, p0lyhuman.