The best way to introduce this is to steal from Eric’s review

For regular followers of this blog, you know we don’t frequently do product reviews. That said, you will see several reviews over the next week or two as one of our members over at 2AOS made us a great offer to give back to the club when folks buy any Athlon optics from them- 10% of the sales for 2019 get rebated to the club. All you have to do is use LGCPLEDGE18 when you check out!

However, none of the folks in senior club leadership were familiar with Athlon Optics, so we couldn’t necessarily endorse the products, and as a newer entry to the game, there’s not a ton of reviews out there for them, so we asked to see if we could demo a few pieces of gear to see what it was all about. And 2AOS and Athlon really stepped up.

Eric liked the scope, John liked the binocs so I was pretty sure I was going to think this was cool. Spoiler alert: It is, much nicer than my cheap barska optics, but, I’m cheap, and you get what you pay for.

Vital statistics from the box:

First thing I noticed when I un-boxed it: Its heavy, and solid. The MSRP is $719 (yikes) so yeah, you get what you pay for, this feels like it might be worth it. But you can grab it over at 2AOS for $599. So lets get to it!

The box came with the scope with attached lens caps and a carrying bag, which I promptly forgot about, since I usually just toss the bags aside. More on that later. The scope has a standard tripod mount, I had plenty of those hanging around, so mounted it up

The controls are generous, and easy to manipulate in the cold New England weather with gloves, something I didn’t realize I needed until I found out it was possible.

Its 15x to 45x zoom, this scope has a single focus ring on the barrel near the mounting ring, the controls rotate freely so one handed operation is possible without knocking it off target

It has an adjustable ring, so you can cant the scope in any direction, and adjust it to meet you eyes without moving, the cant is adjusted by loosening a generously large set screw and rotating the barrel.

The optical clarity is excellent at both zoom levels, I of course forgot to take pictures of the target, so here is a comparison of the back of the truck of 15x versus 45x at about 50 yards


There is an adjustable sunshade at the front

And a huge, twist up ocular eyepiece with a big, comfy, rubber collar, which lets you keep your glasses on, or even set your phone over the objective.

It was a real pleasure to use.

As I was packing it up and writing up my notes, I took the bag out. I should have done that earlier. Solid stitching, and actually has enough room to put the scope in without struggling. Most bags are cheap, and getting them the scope back in them is like putting on leather pants after going swimming.Added bonus, you don’t have to take it out of the bag to mount it, so you can protect the pricey little bugger from the elements, and your bare hands from cold metal in the winter.


I don’t have $799, and if I did, I might buy another gun, but I can see the advantages of using good optics. This is good optics.

Like the scope, and soon to be the binoculars, this will go to a lucky current member now that I have had a chance to play with it.

So you might ask, how the heck do I get in on this action? Do I need to buy 10,000 raffle tickets or something? Nope. You just have to be a member in good standing, so if you’re reading this and are not a member, what are you waiting for? If your membership has expired, get it renewed!

We’ll be doing another membership perk in the next month, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure your membership is active!

Oh, and if you want to donate to the club, as always, we’d appreciate it, but donations will not impact your chance to win.