We went back to Vegas for our first in-person national meeting since 2019! The last couple of years, we’ve had meetings planned in real locations, and COVID, for better or worse, had other plans, so we moved them to virtual, and they were pretty successful, but there is nothing quite like being on the range with friends, and turning money into noise, or being onsite with an excellent instructor, putting in training hours and getting real-time feedback.

We had a busy weekend, and the folks at Pro Gun Vegas were generous with their time and their range bays. When we come back to Vegas for another meeting, we are going to ask them to host us again!

We had 3 bays going both days with full classes, people got some good training, and got to shoot A LOT of guns.

Defensive Shooting and Close Personal defense with our very own, Alessandro Padovani,

Simulated Defense and That assessment and Intro the 3 guns by the amazing Amy Dillon,

two full days of Intro to Steel Challange with Reilly Bodycomb,

and an amazing Introduction to Black Powder, History of Firearms with Jim Downey!

We had  machine guns,


and of course, the star of the weekend was the replica Gatling gun!

It was an exhausting and exhilarating weekend. We capped it off with our usual State of the Club (membership is up, new merch is out, more outreach),

our annual award of the Keith Ellis Community Service award to Wisconsin’s Blake Alvarenga. for all his hard work spreading the word of the LGC.

Lastly, we had an absolute barn burner of a keynote from Michael Tinker Pearce.


We couldn’t have done without the army of volunteers that helped arrange things, Danielle Casey, Lonny Weissman, Blake Alvarenga, Paul Kronk, and Shawn C. from DC!

We hope to see you next year, in a location to be determined!