Wow, what a weekend.

We wrapped up the 2017 meeting in Houston, Texas late Saturday (though some folks stayed around Sunday), and first things first: The Texas Chapter put on a GREAT show.

Friday started with a Three-gun class, how to, followed by attendees actually running the two stages that were set up for us. It was awesome, fun, and everyone learned something.

Here’s our lead instructor on his first run through the first stage:

Then to dinner and refreshments and quieter introductions at a local restaurant.

Then, up early and back to a different range for what has become the “Wine tasting” of the LGC. Members brought all sorts of interesting firearms, from precision rifles to cheapo staurday night specials and everything in between!

The Desert Eagle made almost everyone giggle:

And as a bonus, we had a tag-along reporter from Politico asking questions all day, we even made him and the photographer he brought shoot.

Dinner at a local BBQ joint, followed by presentations on the state of the club, our Instructor program, our demographics and member interests from our membership survey, our press coverage over the year.

We wrapped up with a round table with the attendees about if an how we can get more active and political (protip: we need volunteers!) and a raffle.

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I will probably write a more detailed post later, but for now, I need a nap.