Threat Centered Revolver Class

Good news for revolver owners! I’ll be back in Phoenix, AZ this November 11th & 12th, teaching my Threat-Centered Revolver course!

In the last couple of years this has become my most popular course, and for good reason — very few people in the training world take the revolver seriously as a defensive tool. Many don’t understand them or, worse, don’t like them.

That’s certainly not me! Not only do I understand the revolver at a level most people don’t, I appreciate its unique capabilities and uses as a self defense arm. As a result, students come out of my class with a greatly increased understanding of their gun and the skills to take advantage of it. This class is especially appropriate for those with snubnose revolvers!

I’m being hosted by Phoenix Firearms Training at the spectacular Ben Avery Shooting Facility. My Phoenix classes are especially noteworthy because we make use of the Jedburgh reactive target system, which responds to hits in a way no other target does. It’s an innovative system and we’re using it in innovative ways to help you learn critical skills faster and easier. (It’s also a lot of fun!)

Phoenix is wonderful in November. While the rest of the country has turned cold and wet, Phoenix is still dry and warm. Great training, great weather — what more could you ask for?

Click here to register for this class.

– Grant 

P.S.: The last time I taught in Phoenix, we unknowingly scheduled the class for the same weekend the NCAA Final Four was in town. Flights and hotels were double to triple their normal rates! If you balked at attending this course last February because of those ridiculously high lodging and transportation costs, you’ll be happy to know that hotels and airfare for this date appear to be back to normal. Book now!

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