The Liberal Gun Club has received and approved an application creating the Rocky Mountain Chapter. The chapter’s geographical area covers those states along the Rocky Mountain range: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

The chapter currently has fifteen members and has conducted meet ups in Pueblo and Denver, Colorado. The chapter is in the process of conducting its first official election of officers for the upcoming new year according to its recently approved by-laws.

With such a large geographical area to represent, the chapter will be relying heavily on electronic methods of communication to coordinate activities. The chapter is planning future activities including biannual meet-ups, bi-monthly video teleconference meetings, and local outreach and education programs. The chapter is currently conducting a contest for a logo design and establishing a social media presence on Facebook. A sub-forum has been created within the Liberal Gun Club forums for use by the chapter.

Any Liberal Gun Club member residing within the Rocky Mountain region is urged to become involved with the Rocky Mountain chapter in order to participate in more localized Liberal Gun Club-related activities. The chapter can be contacted via the Liberal Gun Club forum. Interim officers are (these are forum handles, contact information is available by request via dcramer64-President, MedicGoalie84-Vice-President, rglad-Secretary/Treasurer.