Like many Americans, I watched the inauguration of President Biden this morning and found it intensely moving.  To have a President speak of unity and hope was more emotional than I expected.  And I take him at his word to be a President for all of us.

To that end, we at The Liberal Gun Club are getting to work reaching out to our elected officials, especially on the left, through a postcard writing campaign in support of our Second Amendment Rights. We will be providing all of our paying members a free postcard and suggested language to reach out to their elected officials, or to the President and Vice-President, asking them not to squander their political capital on unconstitutional, divisive, and ineffective gun bans and rather to work on root cause mitigation, which will be both effective to solve the underlying causes of violence, and which have the added advantage of being both Constitutional and non-divisive.

On behalf of the leadership of the Liberal Gun Club, we are relieved the administration of the past four years is over. They have not been good for gun rights, despite (and in many ways because of) the political affiliation and impulses of the office holder. We are hopeful that our new President will work on the major issues facing our country with integrity and thoughtfulness. We will be taking an active part in making sure the voices of American gun owners, especially those on the left, are an important part of the conversation.  We are aware of our unique voice in the Second Amendment space and intend to make it heard both today and in the four years to come.

Lara Cullinane Smith
National Spokesperson
The Liberal Gun Club