From forum user “Doc”

The Ruger P90 is a much misunderstood and often overlooked pistol with remarkable virtues. It operates with a similar firing mechanism to the 1911A1, but with a SA/DA slide-mounted safety/decocker. It was initially developed to accommodate the then up-and-coming 10mm round developed for the FBI. Before production began, the 10mm was already losing favour and the team at Sturm Ruger decided keep the basic design, rechambered for the venerable .45acp. The result is a massively over-engineered handgun that is built like a tank, is reliable beyond belief and able to take whatever abuse you can throw at it. And then some. The trigger is smooth and light, even in double action mode, while accuracy is better than most comparable stock .45s.

Though it is feed from a singlestack 8rd magazine, the grip is big and wide and unsuitable for small, delicate hands. Constructed of stainless steel with an alloy frame, it is still a heavy pistol unsuited to concealed carry for most of us mortals. The ambidextrous safety/decocker is big and has a smooth, easy operation and a reassuring positive ‘click’ that lets you know when it is engaged and disengaged.

Now replaced by the ubiquitous line of polymer framed modernist pistols, the old Ruger P90 is often overlooked and under-valued. If you feel the need for a .45 for the home, vehicle or just for fun at the range then this one certainly warents further investigation.

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