Continuing our series of member opinion highlights with a classic single action pistol by forum member eelj

I really hate internet threads about if you can only have one handgun what would it be. I’ve never been in a situation where I could only have one handgun. But back in 1976 my future wife and I made a move from Mpls to Two harbors Mn because of my job plus we both wanted to get away from Mpls. By that time I had accumulated a small collection of guns including 5 handguns. Something had to go, the first to go was a little Colt 25acp, next was much harder my Colt MKIV 1911, then my Browning Hi Power and my Marlin 444. What I kept was my Blackhawk convertible in 45, and my MKI target with a 5.5 in. barrel. The Blackhawk had a 7.5 in. barrel and it was a sixgun that could do anything. It now has a much handier 5.5 barrel and can spend a day without fatiguing me on my hip. The single action is the most iconic handgun in the Americas, its the handgun that people think of when they think of the Americas. I feel that the Ruger Blackhawk is the best buy of all the different single actions available. Depending on the area some one lives in there is a caliber that will fit any situation that calls for the use of a handgun whether for protection from man or animal a single action all though not the first choice will still save your bacon if you know how to shoot it properly. Plus it is truly a premier hunting handgun. It is very robust and has its own loading tables in reloading manuals because of it. I guess if I was restricted to only one centerfire handgun it would be my Blackhawk. I feel it is Bill Rugers crowning achievement in handgun design.

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