We are going to be highlighting some forum members thoughts on their favorite guns. Here’s our first installment from “Simmer Down” in Texas:

The snub nose. 38 specials with a 2″ barrel. A very small package with no frills. Its like the trial size aspirin or the kleenex pocket pack. Just in case.

The 38 snub is the standard plot twister in film noir. Everything coming down to the wire and all but wrapped up then, from the shadows, emerges the snub. All bets are off. Its a whole new ball game. Its not a combat gun. It won’t take a mule deer at 100 yards. Its a surprise. Just enough to get through the jam and out of there.

The S&W snubs came out in 1950 and had names, not numbers. The Chiefs Special, Body Guard, Centennial. These are defensive guns. They were intended for back up and plain clothes.

Us regular Joes can drop one in our pocket and go about our business. Mine sees light only in the morning when I gather my things and at the end of the day when I empty my pockets. It won’t make you a hero and you can’t take on a dozen escaped convicts. You have 5 rounds on tap just in case.

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