Our hearts go out to the family and community as we have yet another no knock warrant delivered resulting in the execution of yet another legally armed young black man.

Who wasn’t even listed on the warrant. Showing that, yet again, the use of these no knock warrants result far too often in innocent people getting killed.

Adding another name to the long list of folks who should still be here today but aren’t. As we’ve stated previously here on this blog, silence is complicity.

The Liberal Gun Club advocates that  every single person is entitled to every single civil right. We are committed to supporting those who work towards ensuring those rights for all Americans and for seeking justice when those rights are denied.

We join in mourning the loss of Amir Locke.

But we also mourn George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Danquirs Franklin, and Philando Castile. That list joins too many other Americans deprived of their Life. Their Liberty. Their Pursuit of Happiness.

Whether they were gun owners or not, they were Americans. People.

All lives can only matter when black lives start mattering.

Black Lives Matter.

They deserve justice. Say their names. Stand for them. They can no longer stand for themselves.