If you tuned into Training Talk last night at 6:pm and found nothing happening, I must apologize — we ran late!

Normally I start on the dot at 6:pm, but last night we had some technical problems that took us some time to resolve. We finally did, though, and started the show at about 6:16.

And what a show it was! Attorney Jim Fleming did a heck of a job explaining the nuances of the use of lethal force in the protection of property. The short version is “you shouldn’t”, but the explanation of why and what happens when you do is important.

You can watch the full episode now.

– Grant 

P.S.: At the end of the show my new book, Protecting Your Homestead: Using a rifle to defend life on your property, makes a cameo appearance. It’s been a best-selling new release for more than a week, and the reviews have been awesome. You can get your copy in paperback, Kindle, and iBooks formats now!




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