Two horrific events, in short order. Devastating loss of life. Mourning families. And before they can even bury the dead, the lines got drawn pretty quick (which isn’t unusual never let a tragedy go unused).

On one side  the “we aren’t coming for your guns EXCEPT…” and on the other “MOAR GUNZ SOLVES EVERYTHING!”

I’ll leave you with two facts:

  • Columbine happened 5 years after the first Assault Weapons Ban.
  • Both Buffalo and Uvalde had “good guys with guns.”

There are other facts, we’ve written about them here, (and herehere, and, oh yeah here), but in the age of policy by soundbite, I’ll keep the list short this time.

Maybe guns aren’t the problem or the solution? Maybe it’s time to try something different?

Our suggestion? Start here. This guy has a suggestion as well.