In the realm of not helping, The Firearm Blog yesterday published a completely wrong post about the California roster.
Here’s a screen grab of the content:

The California DOJ did NOT de-certify 1500 handguns from the handgun roster at the start of 2021. They de-certified 39, which brings the total over a decade to around that 1500 number.

The handgun roster is terrible. Microstamping is an impractical law, signed by a REPUBLICAN governor that gun manufacturers cannot feasibly comply with.

The fact that starting this year, for every gun added to the roster, two are to be removed is worse.

The fact that there hasn’t been a single semi-automatic pistol added to the roster in years is worse.

The loopholes that exist for LEO’s is worse. After all, if the guns aren’t safe, why should they even be allowed in the state?


The roster has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with theatre. It’s actual impact has been to do nothing more than keep California consumers from being able to buy newer models that have major improvements, as well as keeping new, smaller manufacturers out of the state completely.
There’s plenty of things to correctly lampoon the current state of gun laws about here in California. This article muddies the waters and sets hair on fire simply because someone didn’t actually look at the dates on the list.