Well with everything going on in the news, we’ve had some less earth shattering, but sorely needed things accomplished here at the Liberal Gun Club. As you may (or may not) be aware, most of the work behind the scenes here is accomplished by volunteers who believe in our mission and are willing to contribute their valuable time and efforts to making our little corner of the internet a better place. In just the last few weeks, the major changes are:

  1. New logo is finally rolled out after many, many revisions and tweaks. Another post to come on why it was changed later this week.
  2. Our forums got a much needed facelift and modernization
  3. The membership portal also got a long overdue facelift

You’ll also start to see more and more of this tagline in our messaging: “Every Single Civil Right. For Everyone”

Big thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Clint and Ivan who this all would not have happened without!

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