Sadly, our  Annual Meeting is over.  But the good news is that we held the raffle and have a lot of winners to announce.  Below is a list of winners.  Each winner will be contacted by email shortly.  Winners that were not present will be mailed their prize, at no cost, after we get a mailing address.

Mike R.  from Michigan won:

2 very nice looking LGC bumper stickers  –  one for the car and one for the gun safe.

The book The Federalist Papers

The book American Idol by S.C. Hayden

Michael H from MA won:

An LGC mousepad

A $50 gift certificate to Civitas Armory

A copy of The Founder’s Second Amendment by Stephen Halbrook

A Magpul PMag 20 round AR magazine.

Reed A of Oregon won a bumper sticker.

Pat S of Chicago won:

A bumper sticker

An LGC hat

and a copy of the book Ricochet: Confessions of a gun lobbyist by Richard Feldman

Cole S. of North Carolina won one of the nice leather holsters from

Amir G. of Florida won the Crossman air gun.

Jason B.  from Virginia won a 3 pack of LGC branded Field Notes notebooks.

Don Z from Texas won:

A leather holster from

The book Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

A Magpul 20rd AR magazine

The original artwork for our comic, Squibbed, framed and signed by the author.

A very nice shillelagh from

A pamphlet announcing that May 21, 2011 was the end of the world.

Ed G. from MA won:

a framed picture of a goose hunter

A Bulldog range bag

An Outers 25 piece wood gun cleaning tool box.

MV from Florida won a May 12, 2011 Judgement Day religious pamphlet.

Jeff N from Chicago won an LGC engraved DelTon AR lower.