Well, let’s start with the fact that your membership director should really have his coffee before sending out important emails to the entire membership base!

Sorry for the confusion about the dates in the original email, I was recycling last years event to make the creation easier and missed that the emails weren’t in our standard template- Mea Culpa!

On to the good stuff: Our annual event will be held virtually again this year due to concerns about the ongoing pandemic, just like last year our members health is more important that meeting in person.

The event will be the weekend of October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and we’ll have several presentations per day, with the keynote and state of the club on Friday, Stop the Bleed and our lead instructor Alessandro on Saturday, and an AMA with your club officers and another training on Sunday.

If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so. We’ll update the event with full schedules next week, and we’ll send out emails to those that register with the appropriate meeting links. Some chapters where they’ve determined they can hold an event safely will be hosting local meet ups on Saturday, so keep your eyes out for an email from your chapter leadership as well.

You can check out and register for the events (as long as you are a current member) here:

We’re looking forward to seeing you virtually again this year, and hoping we can have 2022 in person!

The Liberal Gun Club


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