A decent article by a reporter who started out as an anti.

The author early in the story:

“My own rhetoric had become a shorthand in which merely owning a gun threw a person into a camp of those who were cavalier with deadly weapons, whose personal rights trumped public safety, and who were politically alien to me.”


“Not so much a silent majority, but a quiet, yet noteworthy block once I discovered them, liberal gun owners represented a unique entry point into a world I didn’t think I would be able to understand. Rather than the boogeyman, these were people who in most respects were like me.”

And the last sentence, I found most poignant after describing her first shooting experience and “wanting to do it again” she concludes:

“I know that however much it still scares the hell out of me to extend my body into the thrust and trajectory of a bullet, were the threat of harm come to me or my children, I’d want to stand on this side of the gun- not to kill, never to kill- but to have some force behind which to salvage what I love.”

They interviewed several members, recent graduates of our classes, and operations staff, among others. The reporter was courteous throughout. Its a good piece.

The full article here.