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The Wartrace Regulators hosted the 2017 Tennessee State Championship – The Regulators Reckoning at their range outside Wartrace, Tennessee October 12th - 14th. We had 210 Shooters sign up from 17 states. And the weather could not have been more accommodating.

I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy......Randy St. Eagle, aka "The Pink Cowboy" showing his support for the cancer research fund.

Thursday was a day for looking over the various match stages, meeting folks and friends and partaking in the various side matches. This was also the day shooters were encouraged to show their colors in support of cancer research by wearing pink. Of course, none could even come close to out-pinking Randy St. Eagle, who has for a long time strongly supported this endeavor.

The day also included the Black Powder and Wild Bunch matches. Additionally, various side matches were also held, which included cut-the-rope, speed rifle, speed shotgun, speed pistol and long range, to name a few, with the man-on-man and team-on-team matches closing out Thursday’s events followed by the traditional chili cooking contest.

Friday started the serious event of the State Match, with a welcome by Chapter President Whiskey Hayes and a safety meeting conducted by Papa Dave, followed by a prayer, the pledge of allegiance and a hearty Yee-Haw before the ten posses headed to their shooting stages. This year’s stages included the Depot, Death Valley, the Trestle, the Livery, the KO Corral, the Jail, Jersey Lilly’s, Wells Fargo, Grafton’s and the Gallows.

Friday night a true south of the border meal was served by Rollin’ Chopstix, followed by awards being presented for the events held Thursday. Closing out Friday’s activities a drawing was held for assorted fine beverages compliments of the Jack Daniels Distillery.

Perfecto Vaquera taking aim in Death Valley.

Saturday dawned with the ten posses resuming shooting their remaining five stages for the State Match. It was another fine day with more serious and truly fine shooting. The shooting started to wind down around 2 o’clock with shooters heading out to prepare for the awards banquet being held that evening at the Bell Buckle Café Banquet Hall in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Whiskey Hayes hosted the banquet and awards ceremony, and following an excellent meal, was the moment everyone was looking forward to – the presentation of this year’s winners. Kicking things off was the induction of Shamrock Sadie as a Jedi Gunfighter. Randy St. Eagle was proud to announce that well over $5,000 was raised for cancer research this year!


This years Puppy Posse had five members – Nicki - alias Black Diamond Nicki, Brandy, Sam, Allie and Casey.  All were exceptionally well-behaved and obeyed all the rules of the range.


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The results:

Top Tennessee Shooters - Slick's Sharp Shooter and Boxx Carr Kid

Overall 1st Place

Cowboy – Prestidigitator

Cowgirl – Shamrock Sadie


Overall 1st Place Tennessee Shooter

 Cowboy – Boxx Carr Kid

Cowgirl – Slick’s Sharp Shooter


Top Ten Cowboys


Duke Skywalker

Indiana Loose Cannon

Vaquero Jake

Fast Eddie

Boxx Car Kidd

Christian Mortician

Blackhawk Henry

Hurricane Charley

Cumberland Drifter


Top Ten Cowgirls

Shamrock Sadie

Slick's Sharp Shooter

Renegade Roper

Dixie Pistol

Taco Belle

Dew R Dye

Running Doe

Elpaso Susie

Iron Maiden

Anita Margarita


Top Shooter by Category

Cattle Baron – Trail Bandit

Conventioneer – Ricohet Ruthie

Elder Statesman Duelist – John Derringer

Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter – Jackalope

Grand Patron – Papa Dave

Ladies Cattle Baron – Two Ponies Gal

Ladies Senior Duelist – Witch Doctor

Ladies Senior Gunfighter – Mean Mary

Ladies Steam Punk – VIX-N with Vaquero

Outlaw – Whiskey Creek John

Senior Gunfighter – Widowmaker Hill

Steam Punk – Rolan Kraps

Silver Senior Duelist – Amaduelist

Young Guns Boy – Boxx Carr kid

Buckarette – TN Missy

Buckaroo – Mustang Lewis

Grand Dame - Two Step Net

Elder Statesman – Swift Stoney

Ladies Senior – Garnet Gal

Senior – Cumberland Drifter

Ladies Silver Senior – Elpaso Susie

Silver Senior – Fast Eddie

B Western ladies – Perfecto Vaquera

B Western – Blackhawk Henry

Senior Duelist – Randy Saint Eagle

Ladies Frontier Cartridge – Alchemist belle

Frontier Cartridge – Risin’ Outlaw

Frontier Cartridge Duelist – Bill Carson

Frontiersman – Fire N Fallback

Classic Cowgirl – Dr Slick

Classic Cowboy – Shaddai Vaquero

Ladies Gunfighter – Shamrock Sadie

Gunfighter – Vaquero Jake

Ladies Duelist – Iron Maiden

Duelist – Potshot Parker

Ladies 49’r – Dixie Pistols

49’r – Double Nickel

Wrangler – Duke Skywalker

Cowboy – Prestidigitator

Cowgirl – Slick’s Sharp Shooter

Ladies Wrangler – Renegade Roper

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