The 2014 Annual Meeting took place in Austin, Texas, this past weekend.  Kudos to the Texas LGC members for putting together an excellent meeting!

People began gathering Friday for lunch, drinks, trips to the gun store to pick up ammo for Saturday morning, etc.  There was a Mexican restaurant near the hotel with good food and good margaritas.  As members arrived throughout the day by planes, trains, and automobiles, we all managed to find our way to the Mexican restaurant and the gay bar near the hotel…  Beer, tequila, and scary blue test tube liquids were consumed.

annual meeting lunch friday annual meeting at the bar


(Photo credits:  Paladin)

Saturday morning dawned bright and early (too early, for some of us; see the above referenced beer, tequila, and scary blue test tube liquids).  The van left the hotel at 8:15 for the range trip.  The Lone Star Gun Range was the venue for an excellent morning of shooting.  Popular guns included Spara’s Stoeger M3500, Sheepishlion’s CZ 75 07, and SikaCZ’s stainless steel CZ.  The high(?)light was a shooting contest, .44 flyweight, three rounds, no warmup, best grouping wins a Resistol hat.  Fukshot narrowly won the contest, with ATXOrangeandBlue a close second!   FS declared that she wants a swoopy Annie Oakley-type hat.

annual meeting gun range 1 annual meeting gun range 2 annual meeting gun range 3 annual meeting gun range 4 annual meeting gun range 5 annual meeting gun range 6

(Photo credits:  Inquisitor)

After the range trip, we decamped to Kreuz Market for Texas-style barbecue – no sauce, no forks allowed.  Kreuz served up delicious beef, pork, chicken, etc. by the pound, along with sides that you had to eat with a spoon (because no forks).

annual meeting meat 1 annual meeting meat 2 annual meeting meat 3 annual meeting meat 4


(Photo credits:  Inquisitor, Nigel)

After feeding our faces, we returned to the Drury Inn for presentations and the raffle.  Inquisitor led off by reading a letter from our founder, Mark, stating that he is officially turning over the reins of the LGC to Inquisitor.  Inquisitor gave a brief report on the state of the LGC, noting some of the events that have happened over the past year.  He particularly noted the numerous media mentions we have received, including the San Francisco Chronicle‘s front-page, above-the-fold article from January 2 and the two Pacific Standard articles, one from March and the other from June.  He also noted our efforts to update content on the main LGC site, of which this blog is part, and to maintain an expanding social media presence.  He also noted the formation of our sister governmental-affairs organization, the Liberal Gun Owners Association.   He briefly sketched some plans for the coming year and warned us that he will be soliciting help from the membership to help grow the club.

Fukshot then gave a report on the Northern California chapter.  The NorCal chapter was officially formed within the past year.  She gave tips on how we can form our own chapter.  The NorCal chapter devised its own bylaws, which can be used as a template for other prospective chapters.  At least five members are required to form an LGC chapter.  She also handed out copies of the January 2 San Francisco Chronicle which she had saved.

Judgepacker then gave an interesting presentation on one-color finishing using DuraCoat aerosol.

annual meeting drury 1 annual meeting drury 2 annual meeting drury 3annual meeting drury 4

(Photo credits:  Inquisitor; pic of swag bag contents by SmokeFan)

After Judge’s presentation, we took a break.  The Texas contingent handed out swag bags with a Texas flavor – and with some items graciously donated by Glock – during the break.  Then it was time for the ever popular raffle!   Prizes included the traditional big-ass hat, several range bags and hats donated by Glock, a Smith-Sights gift certificate, a Fantactical Graphics paint job, various adult beverages, handcrafted potholders, a set of reloading tools, a variety of books, and a number of other excellent items.  We drank the Hatch’s Green Chile wine afterward and declared it… um… “unique.”

annual meeting raffle 1 annual meeting raffle 2 annual meeting raffle 3 annual meeting raffle 4 annual meeting raffle 5 annual meeting raffle 6 annual meeting raffle 7 annual meeting raffle 8

(Photo credits:  Catalyst)

After the raffle, the Texas people started discussing forming a Texas LGC chapter.

When Sunday rolled around, unfortunately it was time for everyone to go home.  But plans are already being made for next year’s annual meeting.  It’s the western part of the country’s turn.  Discussions are centering around Nevada as the venue, potentially Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for plans for next year!


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