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The Liberal Gun Club

The mission of The Liberal Gun Club is to provide a pro-Second Amendment voice for left-of-center gun owners in the national conversations on firearms.

In order to achieve our mission, we encourage new participants in the shooting sports and provide firearms safety and shooting instruction programs; as well as providing a forum for civil discourse on these issues.

Did you hear what happened in Boston?

In Boston, during a verbal dispute, an unarmed teenage boy was forcefully hit in the head with the butt of a weapon by local law enforcement. Word of the incident spread quickly and a large number of locals gathered in the street where the incident had happened to...

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Social Distance Learning: Garand Guts

Scott Richardson's Bench Doctor Office Hours- Garand Guts! Stay tuned to the events page for more from Scott and our cadre of other instructors! We all lift together.

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Of Protests, Murder, and Systemic Inequality

Protests in 30 cities. Buildings burned. The national guard getting called in. These are the headlines this morning. At least George Floyd is still in the headlines, because let's not forget the reason that this is happening. A citizen was straight up murdered by a...

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