Where to Shoot


Finding places to shoot that don’t require membership in a radical right organization such as the NRA are obviously not very common.  Unfortunately, the NRA has scared many gun owners into thinking that if they don’t support the NRA, they will lose their guns.  Fear allows the NRA to grow stronger and more powerful and the cycle continues.  We hope to help break that cycle by giving gun owners an option to the right wing propaganda machines.  Unfortunately, many liberal gun owners join a variety of ‘gun rights groups so that they can use a particular shooting range.  By listing here the places that people can shoot without having to join a particular club or support a business that is overtly supporting the propaganda machine, we hope to eliminate people joining organizations like the NRA simply because they ‘have too’.  Please email us any places you are familiar with that fit this criteria.

State and National Forests are often great resources for people who like to shoot outdoors. Consult your local maps.

Below is a list of a few other safe and legal places where shooters may enjoy shooting.


* norCal

Chico Rod and Gun Club

Chico Rod and Gun Club is located in Upper Bidwell Park and has served the North Valley since 1954.

Down Range Chico

Down Range is northern California’s premier range and indoor training facility offering training courses for youth, adult and women only.

* SF Bay Area


Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club

The Rifle/Pistol/Archery Range is open Tues/Wed/Thurs 11AM-8PM, Fri/Sat/Sun 10AM-6PM, Closed Mondays.  We sell ammunition at the rifle range!

Guns, Fishing, & Other Stuff

Located in Northern California, stores are located in Vacaville and Dublin California. Indoor range as well as related gear, ammo, and reloading components.

* soCal

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Indiana DNR has 19 ranges scattered throughout the state – many of them free. Most of the ranges have accommodations for rifles, handguns, shotguns and even archery. One even has trap and skeet.
Give them a try


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife operates 3 gun ranges that are open to the public – 2 of them are free.   There are shotgun, rifle and handgun ranges – as well as archery ranges.  There are also 2 privately operated ranges that are either owned by the LA Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries or affiliated with them and are also open to the public.  Go to this page to find out more about these state resources.

North Carolina

The Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center

The Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center was built by Wake County for citizens to provide a safe place for target shooting. This facility allows local law enforcement personnel to maintain their skills. Additionally, marksmanship and hunting are increasingly popular sports in Wake County, and citizens now have a safe and enjoyable place in which to practice.


The Place to Shoot in Portland, OR doesn’t require NRA membership, and is very liberal-friendly: http://www.theplacetoshoot.com/

The English Pit, run by the Clark County (Washington) Gun Club doesn’t require NRA membership, but is NRA-affiliated. (The only high-powered rifle range in the Portland Metro area that doesn’t require NRA membership, though.)


The Pennsylvania Game Commission has 28 public gun and rifle ranges set up throughout the state. The state invests a lot of money is range upkeep and reports confirm that this is money well spent. If you live in Pennsylvania, your tax dollars are funding these ranges so you should take advantage of them. You can check them out here.

South Carolina

Manchester State Forest – 15 lane rifle range and 12 lane pistol range.

Francis Marion-Sumter National Forest – There are a total of nine target ranges here. You can check out more about them here.


Kenmore Shooting Range

From their website:

The Kenmore Shooting Range is owned and operated by the Wildlife Committee of Washington, a non-profit sportsmen’s club over 60 years old. This 80 acre facility devoted to the shooting sports is one of the most complete shooting parks in the U.S., with facilities for archery, pistol, rifle, airgun, and shotgun. We are centrally located at the north end of Lake Washington, about 10 miles from Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett.

Micheal wrote in to tell us about the range and said, “The club does have right-wing nut GunVote and NRA affiliations on their site, but you don’t have to join to shoot there. I went a few months ago to shoot pistols with a buddy from work, and didn’t get any hostile attitude despite my hippie-ish long hair and goatee. “