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In our running podcast series, our Florida chapter president Keith Ellis talks about guns, policy, reloading, politics, and a variety of other things that catch our interest. The content is hosted over on Podbean, you can give it a listen here:


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History of Firearms- The Handgonne

Regarded as the first real hand held firearm, the Hand-gonne consisted of a cast metal barrel with a smooth bore, affixed to a wooden staff, and a touch hole that could be primed and ignited by a red hot poker or slow burning match (or even the equivalent of a cannon...

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Thanks for your patience

We finished the maintenance, so things should be back to normal, nothing to see here 😉 Come tell us on the forums if you think we missed something!                                 -            ...

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An homage to the Ruger P90

From forum user "Doc" The Ruger P90 is a much misunderstood and often overlooked pistol with remarkable virtues. It operates with a similar firing mechanism to the 1911A1, but with a SA/DA slide-mounted safety/decocker. It was initially developed to accommodate the...

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Membership System Payment Oddities.

There appears to be a problem with recurring payments for those of you generous enough to do that. The system may tell you your membership is suspended. You can do a couple of things while I work with the vendor to figure this out: 1) Switch your membership to Basic,...

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Membership questions

If you have signed up for membership, please check your PayPal account. It seems that some people aren't actually clicking through to the payment screen. The system will nag you until you pay. If you have trouble, contact us on Facebook, or on the forums.

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Low Tech Elegance

I have just learned about a beautiful low tech solution to measuring the hardness of a lead alloy. It is the pencil test. Many folks cast their own bullets from lead scrap. As you can imagine, folks search where they can for the scrap. This results in all sorts of...

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