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In our running podcast series, our Florida chapter president Keith Ellis talks about guns, policy, reloading, politics, and a variety of other things that catch our interest. The content is hosted over on Podbean, you can give it a listen here:


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Our Press Release Opposing Prop 63

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Contact: Lara Cullinane Smith The Liberal Gun Club, a national organization of left-leaning and progressive firearms owners and enthusiasts has come down firmly on side of saying Vote No on Prop 63, stating: Proposition 63 is an abuse of the...

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I have a secret…

I have a secret. I don't own an AR-15. I don't want to own one. I don't much like them. For some reason, maybe its almost 40 years of shooting, I don't dig a pistol grip on a rifle. I also am not a huge fan of the .223 Remington round, or its military brother, 5.56...

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Violence in America

I am not a psychologist. I am not in Law Enforcement. I am not a health researcher. But, if you have been following this blog, you might have noticed that we as a group have an opinion about addressing the root causes of violence, and have even posted occasionally on...

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Peruta v City of San Diego

On June 9, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an en banc decision in Peruta v. San Diego finding, based on history and precedent, that “there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public.” Immediately, the NRA declared the decision to be outside the mainstream. The Peruta decision, however, follows at least four other Circuit court decisions that reached essentially the same conclusion. Unfortunately, this means the case is, in fact, well within the mainstream of modern court decisions.

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That Guy at the Range

My Marlin had a seven round magazine, his Ruger a ten with a ten power scope as well. We pretty much swapped shots, settling into an unspoken rhythm. He sat on my right, so his brass flew away from us, and mine just plopped down. Paddle rang “pink” when we hit it.

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Oregon Range Day!

Submitted by Oregon LGC: Sunday, April 24, 2016 was range day for the Oregon LGC.  Not just any range day, this was the first outing since we organized into an official local chapter of The Liberal Gun Club! The day was scattered with showers and sunlight and ranged...

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Upcoming CMP matches

Remember, as a dues paying member of the LGC, you are a member of a CMP affiliated club. So in addition to being able to buy surplus rifles and ammo direct from the CMP, you can also participate in CMP sanctioned matches and list the LGC as your club of record. More...

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Rocky Mountain Chapter June Meet-up

The Rocky Mountain Chapter the Liberal Gun Club has scheduled a meet-up for Sunday, June 26, 2016, at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club in Grand Junction, Colorado (  The meet-up will begin at 12:00 noon at the club. There will be a business meeting...

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LGC Postal Match 10 – Mad Minute

  In this match we’re reenacting a bit of history, so let’s take a moment to savor the background of the British Army’s famous “mad minute.” Download the full rules Some form of rapid-fire drill was already in use by the 1880s, but the true “mad minute” was an...

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