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In our running podcast series, our Florida chapter president Keith Ellis talks about guns, policy, reloading, politics, and a variety of other things that catch our interest. The content is hosted over on Podbean, you can give it a listen here:


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California’s AB103 Budget Reconciliation

Well I didn't think I'd be writing about a budget bill today, but it looks like we'll have to. Much like we opposed previous bills that stripped due process like the "Gun Restraining Order", this new bill, which it's rider had zero relation to any budgetary process,...

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Philando Castile and the 2nd Amendment

This is a tough week. From what I've read in the media, this case looked to be a pretty clear cut case of a police officer reacting horribly to what should have been a routine traffic stop. You can judge for yourself from all the available video evidence. I saw a...

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Patch Update- June 2017

We've revised the checkout, you can now order multiple patches in multiple styles! And the new Bullseye patch! Style White $6.00 USD Rainbow $6.00 USD Subdued $6.00 USD Bullseye $12.00 USD Already added...

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New Contributors

We are happy to announce we have new syndicated contributors: Grant Cunningham has consented to allow us to reprint his training articles, as you may remember, Grant has developed our defensive shooting curriculum! Grants blog is at:

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There is a symbol that's come up in the last few days. You may have read about it. I will say this: Symbols are important. Solidarity is important. "We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."     Solidarity is important. Symbols...

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