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In our running podcast series, our Florida chapter president Keith Ellis talks about guns, policy, reloading, politics, and a variety of other things that catch our interest. The content is hosted over on Podbean, you can give it a listen here:


LGC Authored Blog Posts

Info for registering a gun in Chicago

We now have a page with some tips to help Chicago residents navigate the new firearm registration process. We have also updated our Firearms Course page with a little bit of information about our Basic Firearms Course and new contact information for our Education...

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Website is back – whew.

We are back but expect some intermittent issues here and there for a while. We are moving to a new server and upgrading some of the software that drives the website and forums. Please bear with us while we improve your website.

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Free AR-15, DFGO and Chicago

We are continuing to add to the lineup for the Chicago meeting. I hope you guys can make it. I am going to send out a mailing about this later on but I thought I would drop the word here first. Democrats for Gun Ownership is a growing PAC with a lot of potential and...

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The LGC Basic Firearms Course official in MA

This is a very important day. The Liberal Gun Club, your gun club, now has a Basic Firearms Course. That BFC was submitted to the State of Massachusetts for inclusion on their list of Approved Basic Firearms Safety Courses. Today, we have received notice that we have...

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Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner

Liberal gun owners...where do we fit in? We are reviled by other Liberals because we choose to own firearms. It seems no matter what our other positions are to some of our Liberal brethren, that we own "evil instruments of death" tells them that we are not real...

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Results of the January fund raiser

The final tally is in and your generous support has raised $150 for The LGC!! Many thanks to everyone. Everyone who gave $50 or more, please send me your t-shirt size so I can ship those off (also your address if your membership address is not up to date). If you will...

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Reminder: Postal match submissions due

Don't forget that the Dec/January Zombie Postal Match ends today. Be sure to send in your score. Up for grabs is a $35 gift card and a LGC bumper sticker. You can find out more here:

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More on Top Shot reality show

Here is the official info and flyer: Are you America’s “Top Shot”? The History Channel is seeking marksmen with amazing firearm skills! If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other firearm, you could win $100,000 in prizes on TV’s first marksmanship...

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