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In our running podcast series, our Florida chapter president Keith Ellis talks about guns, policy, reloading, politics, and a variety of other things that catch our interest. The content is hosted over on Podbean, you can give it a listen here:


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We support Fix NICS

There is currently legislation being pondered in the Senate called Fix NICS. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a United States system for determining if prospective firearms or explosives buyers' name and birth year match those of a...

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Gun Control Is a Misfire

What liberals and the NRA both get wrong. By MARC COOPER • March 21, 2016 Note from author: Please do not be confused by the original source of this article.  I am anything but a conservative and am better described as a radical rather than a liberal.  But after 40...

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State of the Club – 2017

So, we just finished our awesome annual meeting hosted by our Texas chapter. Lots of new faces, some press and some good vibes. I thought I’d highlight some of the successes over the year, and talk about the future. It’s been a fantastic year for the club, and I am...

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The Trace LGC interview comments

We have already posted the article itself to Facebook, but wanted to provide some context regarding the interview itself and present a couple of important items regarding it. Recently three of our California members, including our national spokesperson, Lara Smith,...

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California’s AB103 Budget Reconciliation

Well I didn't think I'd be writing about a budget bill today, but it looks like we'll have to. Much like we opposed previous bills that stripped due process like the "Gun Restraining Order", this new bill, which it's rider had zero relation to any budgetary process,...

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Philando Castile and the 2nd Amendment

This is a tough week. From what I've read in the media, this case looked to be a pretty clear cut case of a police officer reacting horribly to what should have been a routine traffic stop. You can judge for yourself from all the available video evidence. I saw a...

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