The LGC Select Merchants

In America, the best way to get your point across often seems to be with your wallet.  One way we can let merchants know that we dislike their support for right wing politics is to stop buying things from them.  With that in mind, we would like to encourage you to patronize the following merchants because they have tended to either donate no money to political parties, donate evenly, or donate primarily to progressive parties. 

This information came from  Buy Blue was a website that listed a wide range of merchants and their political tendencies. You could investigate not only political donations but their actions on progressive ideas like the environment, labor and human rights, employment equality, corporate and social responsibility, and industry practices. Currently, is no longer is active. There is talk of resurrecting it but nothing is certain at this point.  It was a valuable resource and one we hope to see come back.   Below are our choice of merchants who supply firearms directly or supply something related to firearms and their use, including outdoor clothing.  If you know of merchants who are not on this list but should be, please let us know.

Strongly support progressive candidates:

Adidas-Salomon – Salomon offers rugged footwear.

Academy Sports & Outdoors, Ltd – A wide variety of gear including a small selection of firearms. If you are near one of their stores they have a decent selection of ammo. Apparently, they don’t sell it online unfortunately.

LL Bean – Famous purveyour of quality clothing with a long hunting tradition

Petco – things for your four legged companions.

PetSmart – a wide variety of gear for furry friends.

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) – Tons of clothing and gear for hiking, climbing, camping and paddling.

Reebok – Like adidas, offers a large variety of shoes – some appropriate for gun related activities

The Timberland Company – make great boots for hiking as well as other activities.

Divide their donations equally:

Nike – Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Gave to both parties equally

Gave to neither party:

Big Five Sporting Goods Company – Sporting goods stores on the west coast

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Decent selection of a variety of gear including firearms, fishing gear and archery equipment.